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I would like to welcome you to NeedMedicareHelp.com , I am very excited about helping you through this
critical time in your life.

As we all know the time that we live in are confusing and can be very troubling. That is never so obvious
than in the medical community right now. What I do is help those of you that are entering into the time
of your life when you have to make decisions about Medicare and what products you need to have.

If you are in that stage of your life, you are receiving advertisements in the mail and phone calls trying
to direct you into making a decision. Making this type of long lasting decision is not something you want
to do by phone from a phone center in the middle of who knows where.

I want to sit across your kitchen table and talk to you about your needs and create a personal plan for

Due to companies changing their markets and prices, it is important to have someone looking out for you
year to year. Also, as we all know, current legislation is also a factor in our medical coverage decisions.

I look forward to meeting you and not only getting a client, but making a friend!
Welcome to

Need Medicare Help . Com